Theme 1

Management, feeding, and health of dairy camels

This theme deals with research on all aspects of dairy camel management, including farming system, feeding management and nutritional requirements, diseases and health care, animal welfare, machine milking, hygiene and conservation of milk at farm.

Theme 2

Dairy camels biology : Genetics, physiology and reproduction

This theme is dedicated to presenting research results related to the dairy camels’ biology, including genetics, proteomics, reproductive biotechnology, gestation and parturition, lactation physiology, adaptation physiology, behaviour…

Theme 3

Nutritional and Therapeutic Qualities of Camel Milk

This theme focuses on the research findings and work related to the nutritional, sensory, biochemical, microbiological qualities, therapeutic virtues, and biological activities of camel milk or its components.

Camel milk dairy products : Process and quality

The discussions within this theme will revolve around research outcomes related to improving the processability of camel milk, the quality of dairy products, conservation technologies, and the effects of processing methods on the nutritional, sensory, and therapeutic qualities of these products.

Theme 4

Organization, Governance, and Development of the Camel Milk Sector

This theme focuses on research and development initiatives that investigate the camel milk value chain in terms of management, organization, governance, profitability, promotion, development, and innovation. Submissions may cover the entire value chain, including production, collection, processing and packaging, marketing, and distribution. Contributions related to the experiences of national and international development organizations in camel milk farming development projects are welcome in this theme.

Theme 5

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